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New arrivals and everyone else, go direct to Safety Brief! Do not stop!

Safety Brief

You're not in Kansas anymore! Nor in a riding stable or the equine industry!
You're on the LAH, the Living Among Horses project webpage, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact every second that you are here.

If there is a good horse whisperer, or an advanced clinic on handling or riding horses, you might wanna go there for some R&R after a tour on the LAH project webpage.

Anywhere beyond this point, every little bit of information that is mentioned, becomes evident or lingers between the lines, wants to kill your preconception of horses and eat your horse knowledge for Jujubes.
We have an indigenous population of revolutionary concepts called the 'LAH', the Living Among Horses project. They are fond of ideas tipped off with striking revelations that will stop your heart in one minute. And they have background reinforced with naturally occurring facts. They are very hard to kill.

As head of information, it is my job to inform you of what you need to know.
I will not succeed. Not with all of you.
If you wish to stay informed, you need to cultivate a strong mental attitude... You got to obey the rules! LAH rules.
Rule number one: Forget everything you think you know about horses.
Rule number two: Forget everything you think you know about stallions.
Rule number three: Forget who you are, most of all, your social rank in your species.

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Excuse me! Hey! You!
You're... Ah, wait..., sorry I don't know who you are yet.
But let me introduce myself: I like to think of myself as an equivalent of Jake Sully in regards to horses. Or Grace Augustine. Those are fictional characters in the 2009 motion picture 'AVATAR' by James Cameron.
I know that's pretty corny, and of course that's not my real name, but, as a 'working title' I guess it serves. In reality, I'm just a middle-aged guy with a message. - Or an idea, depending on how you look at it. The message is... well, actually, that someone else has a message. A message that might be darn important. A message which I believe people, the human race, should really hear. Even if it is not evident at face-value and requires some pretty expensive 'amplification' and equipment to hear. But more on that later. My message is just an idea, a concept, to make that mentioned someone else be able to tell his message. To make it 'hearable' and understandable to everyone. That's not trivial, because that someone else is... well, actually, doesn't happen to be human. And the message is not simple, or rather, not expressible in human words.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. First things first:
I'm not revealing my real name here, because, well, haven't you paid attention in the Safety Brief? We're on Pandora, err., I mean on the LAH, the Living Among Horses project! In other words, in the Internet, one of the most dangerous environments known to man!
Admitted, just like James Cameron's Pandora, the Internet holds many wonders and beautiful si(gh)t(e)s, and it's constantly in-the-flux. But likewise, it holds just as many dangers. This has a lot to do with human nature and with life in (social) groups. As can be readily seen in the Internet, as well as in human history, talking bad about others, supposedly thoughtlessly and mindlessly, and thereby slandering and abusing them, is not just a bad hobby of a few, as it might seem at face-value, but a phenomenon. In reality, it is an important part of human nature. It's part of the need of human beings for scapegoats. I had to learn this the hard way. So sorry, if you're curious to know more about me, you'll just have to contact me.

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Quick Tour

If you're new here, let me give you a quick tour and show you around: Read the About section to get your bearings.

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