Battle Plan

All right, here's the situation:
I have a great idea that might be able to revolutionize how the human race sees horses and treats them. It just costs an estimated 5 million dollars to create, because it involves a lot of good quality land in a country suited as a tourist destination. And I don't have any money of my own, nor do I know anyone who might have that kind of money. And crowdfunding wont work on something like this. So what can be done?

Well, considering that it will take a lot of people to create and run a project like what I propose anyway, and that 5 million dollars is a lot of money that needs to be governed properly, I think the only way to reach this goal is by creating some kind of legal body, an institution. I'm thinking about creating a foundation.

If a foundation can be set up, all kinds of means can be employed to acquire money, preferably tax-free. Including perhaps, even crowdfunding and a Kickstarter project as one means among many. A foundation is not obliged to get all the money needed within a specific amount of time and it doesn't have to pay back anything to any donators or sponsors. And it doesn't have to pay any dividends or interest on any of the starting capital, which is direly important at 5 million dollars starting capital and virtually no financial profit during operation.

Setting up a foundation is quite a bit of legal work and paper work. Statues must be conceived and set up, etc. But that should be manageable. What a foundation also need though, is at least three people who run it free of charge. Without any wage. So I need to find at least two more people besides myself, who are highly motivated and so interested in this project and idea, that they are willing to help run a foundation to build it. So once again, I need you and your help to make this come true! So please, spread the word, tell your friends about this project and, if you are interested, please contact me!

To say it in Jake Sully's words: We have the home field advantage.

We know that adult stallions can be kept in a group without problem. And we can prove it thanks to the scientific study of the Swiss national stud. And we know that natural horses and their beauty draw the attention and appreciation of countless human beings. And their money. Why else would so many people spend money on the horses they own, on horse documentaries or on various horse shows and circus performances with horses?

This applies even more to people and stallions. Here where I live, there is a big circus every year which has a great performance with about 16 or 20 stallions who dance around with their trainer and do various tricks. People love it. But people don't just come to see the show! That's the thing! The stallions are kept in single box stalls in a stable-tent next to the main circus-tent. People can visit this stable as well, but must pay for an extra stable ticket to do so. I think it's about the equivalent of $5.-. I visited this stable myself and there, people were literally standing on each other's feet, just to see the stallions behind bars, not in any way in a natural environment, not in any way displaying their intriguing natural social behavior, and with no way hardly at all being able to interact with them! People would and will pay for a ticked, by the masses, just to see that! That's how much magnetism stallions have. So imagine what it must be worth, to be able to see adult stallions in a group, in a natural environment, displaying their true nature and natural social behavior, being themselves, and even being able to interact with them, up close and on a daily basis, even to live among them for a while!

I just know, this has to be something people are willing to pay for. And by that, I don't just mean die-hard horse enthusiasts like Robert Vavra or myself! Just look at the sale numbers of Robert Vavra's books with up-close pictures of natural horses. If pictures are so good, how good must the real thing, the real horse and the real-life experience be? Consequentially, I am very sure, that an income can be made of this. If we stick to stallions as horses kept naturally and appropriate to the species, and to men to build and even more importantly, to run this project, I really think we have a chance to create something to the benefit of horse and man that will last and that is financially stable. And that might actually have a teaching and educating effect on mankind.