Eytukan Speaks
The Propositions of Eytukan

Eytukan is one of those male beings, which, even in James Cameron's 'AVATAR', gets way too little space and room to express himself. Therefore, I'd like to give him a little more room and space here. For I believe, he does have something to say. Here is what I believe I have picked up from him.

The basis of trust, real trust is friendship.

The basis of friendship is respect.

Respect is mutual. It is either mutual, or not at all. Many people demand and want respect, but are utterly incapable of giving it.

Friendship and true respect require equality. If not in anatomy, or power, or rights, then at least in treatment and mutual respect.

You cannot respect someone or something that you castrate.

Friendship grows, and can only grow, on time spent together. Time spent together, without one trying to control the other.

Castration is a severe form of violence, of disrespect and of control of one over the other. As such, and because it can never be taken back, it always and irrevocably sets a certain specific, irrevocable and uncorrectable frame of mind, an approach, on how to solve problems and on what is acceptable. One that is forever detrimental and limiting both to equality and respect.

The violence that is unleashed upon horses by mankind in the modern western world lies in the excessive and unhealthy idealization of women. In excessive trust placed in them. It lies in the vehement suppression, protection and guarding against the revelation, the revealing and the acknowledgement of women's true animalistic and primitive side, of women's true nature and instincts. It is an ignorance, like so many, of a part of nature. Mankind does not see, what it specifically sets out, and declares, to not want to see. With a purpose. And this problem of not wanting to 'See' extends to horses through women. And through men who do their bidding and try to make a profit of it.