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Generally I really don't like to talk about myself. But the creation of this project actually doesn't just start with uploading the first version of this webpage. Countless things went before. A lifelong commitment and story lead up to the creation of this project. So to be as thorough as possible in this project log, I feel obliged, just for completeness and thoroughness, to add at least some of the most relevant details about my personal background and how this project came to be.

Before 1990's: Not knowing Horses
Since earliest childhood I have always liked animals. But not horses. I had strong reservations and prejudices against them. My sister was horse crazy, as were many other girls, and she occasionally dragged me with her when she went riding. In one of the stables we went, I saw people riding English style and dressage. I thought an animal which participates in something like that, which literally dances to the whim of people, even little girls, like a puppet on strings, such an animal doesn't have any dignity, honor or self-respect. Thus, horses weren't worthy of my respect either.

Early 1990's: Getting to know Horses
Because I liked animals a lot in general, I was quite ambivalent about horses. And I was intrigued by the fact that so many other people liked horses so much. Why was that? Then, as a young man about the age of Jake Sully in 'AVATAR', I overheard two girls in a bus talking about horses. One was telling the other, that a horse breeder and stable owner where she used to go riding, castrated his young horses himself with a kitchen knife and that she wouldn't go riding there anymore because of that. That got me wondering: Surely, no matter how spineless and without dignity or honor horses might be for dancing for people like puppets on strings, surely, that could not be voluntary. Nobody, not even a horse could voluntarily allow someone to cut off its balls. So for the first time, I started to have doubts about the spinelessness and lacking self-respect of horses. What if they really were just victims of people, were being victimized? What if their lack of spine, honor and self-esteem was not coming from themselves, but really from people? To relieve these nagging doubts and ambivalence, I decided to find out myself. I did this in a similar way that Jake got to know the Na'vi on Pandora: To get to know them, I volunteered to work as a horse groom, so I could be among them and get to know them on their terms. Kind of like an investigative journalist. On eye level. Not controlling, commanding them, not sitting in the small of their backs, pulling on metal in their mouths and telling them what to do. And not in riding lessons or with the interpretations of other human beings. The effects of this on me were profound and very similar to the effects of the Na'vi on Jake Sully in 'AVATAR'. 'Not being much of a horse guy' changed completely, at the hands of horses.

2003: Webpage about Stallions and World-Wide First Article on the Species-Appropriate Keeping of Stallions in Group
I am outraged, and breaking down inwardly, about what I see in my work as a horse groom. I can't bear the disrespect, the ignorance, the selfishness, and the castration of horses just to satisfy people's needs. Castration is the visible bloody tip of the iceberg of disrespect towards the horse and the uncompromising manifestation of enslavement of horses. I stop working as a horse groom because I could never change anything in that position. Working as a horse groom makes me feel like a humanitarian working in a concentration camp. Sure, the inmates need your help, direly, and are thankful too, but you can not ever change anything important. And as long as you work there cheaply, and let yourself be exploited, you are part of the system, part of the problem. Instead of trying to fight for horses as a horse groom, looking after the horses of other people who dictate all the rules, I pick up the pen as my sword. After many discussions in online forums I create a webpage specific for the education and enlightenment about stallions, their needs, their nature and how to handle and keep them. I am the first in the world to write a full-length article, or rather a detailed instruction and case-report, with theory and a practice example about keeping adult stallions in group as an alternative to castration. I publish this article prominently and free of charge at my expenses on my webpage about stallions and to the benefit of the horse for several years.

2005: Girls at the Swiss National Stud read my Article and get interested in the Subject
Several girls who are new at the Swiss national stud read my online-article about keeping adult stallions appropriate to the species in a group as an alternative to castration. Seeing how keeping horses in a group is very trendy and having read my article and detailed instructions to do the same with stallions, they decide to investigate the matter further. For this, they visit a horse breeder in Italy who has been keeping his breeding stallions in a group in the breeding off-season. They decide to do their own study on the subject. Hurray! They refuse to cooperate with me, or even to inform me about their work on the subject, because of my clear and uncompromising position against castration and their clear and uncompromising position for the castration of all male horses that are not needed for breeding (that is the position and interest of their sponsors and financers, Swiss horse breeders, as well as the equine industry). Their interest in keeping stallions in group has nothing to do with the prevention of castration, but only with a new, more 'modern' and currently 'trendy' way of keeping horses, which now can be applied even to the very few breeding stallions that there are (for those few breeders who actually have more than one and are willing to keep them in a group like the guy in Italy - like yea right, those are quite numerous...).

2008-01-06: Seeking Investors for Stallion Project
I make another effort to get in contact with possible investors for the idea of the revolutionary stallion project I have since several years.

2009-12-21: The Movie 'AVATAR' by James Cameron
I see the movie 'AVATAR' by James Cameron for the first time. After 'Titanic' by James Cameron and rumors of a stupid, predicable movie about blue Smurfs in space, I didn't have very high expectations. When Jake Sully wakes up in his huge avatar body in the medical room for the first time, I remember being reminded of a horse on the operating table. I know the movie's not bad, but I feel there is a lot more going on in this movie under the hood, behind all the action scenes and the new and revolutionary special effects which draw your attention when watching it the first time, at least for me. I feel there is more going on in this movie than I can currently comprehend after the first viewing. I know I need, I must see this movie again to find out what this is. I see it for the second time on January 2'nd, 2010. And more later on... ;-)

2013-01-30: Publication of Swiss National Stud's Study on Keeping Stallions in Group
In 2012 the girls at the Swiss national stud finish their study on keeping adult stallions appropriate to the species in a group and send it off to Plos One for publishing. On January the 30'th 2013, it gets published at Plos One: Pattern of Social Interactions after Group Integration: A Possibility to Keep Stallions in Group. This is a landmark day for horses and a great victory. More so I believe, or am quite sure, than the girls at the Swiss national stud realize or understand themselves.

2014-11-22: Text on Project for Stallions and Men
I combine my ideas for a stallion project with a project for men and start writing a detailed description about it.

2016-09-27: Start of Detailed Project Description for Stallion Project
I start writing a very detailed description about the idea I have for a project involving stallions and tourism as a source of income.

2017-06-03: Finish of Detailed Project Description for Stallion Project
The detailed description about the idea I have for a project involving stallions and tourism as a source of income has reached 77 pages and can be considered more or less finished. I stop working on it for now. It serves its purpose and further work on it will not help at the moment. I show the description in various shortened forms to several people, most find it interesting, but realization of the project does not seem to move forward because of it. I need find and get in contact with much more people than just my personal surroundings.

2017-06-30: Idea and First Text Drafts for Webpage
The idea for this webpage and its basic concept, the involvement of the 'AVATAR' theme, is born and I write the first text drafts about it.
The idea is to find people and support for the idea I have for the stallion project involving tourism as a source of income.

2017-07-05: First functional Webpage Draft in HTML
The first functional draft for this webpage is created.

2017-07-12: First Webpage Online
First webpage upload. The first version of this webpage is uploaded for the first time to the domain name: www.LivingAmongHorses.com
In the following days, there are webpage updates almost every day.

2017-07-22: Webpage Update
Added a new sub-level to the main navigation in The Idea, and there added the new page: The Real Value of the Horse

2017-07-23: Webpage Update
- Updated and improved the text of The Real Value of the Horse and changed the main page picture to an off-camera shot of J.C. and S.W. Moved the original Unobtainium picture into the text.
- Updated Quotes by Others with a quote by H.P. Lovecraft.
- Added this Project Log as a separate page on a sub-level to Making it Happen.

2017-07-24: Foundation
I got a book I ordered today about foundations. What they are, how they're run and how to set them up. I will study this next.

2017-07-25: Webpage Update
To fully reflect the current situation and the next steps, I added another new page on a sub-level to Making it Happen: Battle Plan

2017-07-28: Webpage Update
I updated the content in the Landing Zone and moved the majority of the questions off to a new page on a sub-level: About

2017-07-30: First Promotion Video
At the suggestion of someone else, I made a first (testing) video of myself, trying to explain what this webpage and idea is all about. I uploaded it to Promotion on 2017-08-07.

2017-08-01: Webpage Update
I updated this page here, the Project Log with a few more details in the past.
I also added a new question on the benefit for horses and an entire new sub-page to The Idea, which explains it in detail: The Real Value for the Horse

2017-08-05: Webpage Update
- Eytukan doesn't speak very often. So when he does, and people really want to avoid a war, I think people should start by listening to him. That's why I added his propositions in Eytukan Speaks as an own page on a sub-level of Quotes by Others.
- I added some more details about my own history with horses to the beginning of this project log. Not to talk unnecessarily about myself, but because it's really a part of how this project came to be and I feel I wouldn't be very thorough to omit it.

2017-08-07: Webpage Update
- I updated the Battle Plan with the full description of my experience with the stallions in the circus and the people in the stable-tent.
- Someone encouraged me to present my idea in a video, and to promote my idea and this webpage I also wrote two short texts. Because finding and getting people to help in this project, and thus spreading the word is key to success, I added an own Promotion page for these kinds of things on a sub-level of Making it Happen.

2017-08-08: Webpage Update
Slightly updated Eytukan Speaks.

2017-08-14: Webpage Update
Changed PDFs to HTML pages in Promotion and added a new text: The Dilemma of the Horse

2017-08-23: Webpage Update
I put the promotion texts in Promotion into a new sub-menu and added a new text: Teaching Women about their Sexuality

2017-08-29: Webpage Update
Since I first wrote Teaching Women about their Sexuality, I have received two really good and important feedbacks on that text. The first was the question, how all the talk about women and their sexuality were even related to my idea and project of Living Among Horses? If it weren't actually a sidetrack to my project, that really isn't important? If so, why get distracted with it? Actually, what's going on with horses and in the equine industry has everything to do with my project. With why I feel a project or facility such as I propose is direly needed. And that, what is going on with horses and in the equine industry, in turn, has very much to do with women and their fascination or obsession with horses. So, although the two subjects might seem unrelated at first sight, below the surface, they are closely connected. I added an introduction and two sub-chapters in the beginning, trying to explain why these things are relevant. Then I also got the remark from someone else, that the text was tiringly long, lacked any pictures and, the question was asked, if I truly believe that horses are castrated to sexually satisfy or stimulate women? Getting a question like this means, obviously, that I have not been quite clear enough. To address this, I have added a conclusion to the end of the text, stating out in clear what I believe the reasons are for the mass of horse castrations which we see today.

2017-09-07: Webpage Update
I updated and expanded the Conclusion in Teaching Women about their Sexuality and I added a short Afterthoughts.

2017-09-10: Webpage Update
I added a good quote from the 2017 film 'Doctor Strange' to Quotes by Others.

2017-09-24: Webpage Update
Fair's fair. After my long text on women, Teaching Women about their Sexuality, I added a corresponding, if somewhat shorter text on men, Teaching Men about their Sexuality to the Promotion section.

2017-09-28: Webpage Update
I did a pretty big overhaul of the first few introductory texts, including the purpose of this webpage. These texts sometimes contained a lot of unnecessary text and information that wasn't necessary or relevant at that point of being introduced to the idea, and some other, very vital information (men, maturity and initiation) about the project and idea was missing entirely (it's not easy to get this all straight and lined up!). The changes involved: 'Introductions' in the Landing Zone. The entire About page. A complete rewrite of 'Alright, so spill it out: What is the idea?' and of 'And what exactly is the benefit of this for the human race?' in The Idea. The day before yesterday I also updated Teaching Men about their Sexuality, most of all the chapter 'Who watches the "Watchmen"'. Realizing how important men and the benefit or services which this project offers to them are, I might have to update this last text again in the future.

2017-10-22: Webpage Update
I removed the video section and the bad video from Promotion. First, the video was bad quality. Second, it used up a lot of web space. And third, most importantly, I don't see its purpose anymore: The fact that I am not getting any response or interest for my idea that I am expressing here is, as I believe, not due to the fact that it is presented in the wrong manner or with the wrong media. That is, in text instead of in fancy pictures or cool videos. Not at all. The reason for that much more is, that it's simply an idea of someone else and nobody has the time or interest to learn about it. Expressing the idea in a video instead of in texts is not going to change anything about that. Some videos are successful, yes, like on youtube, just like some books and some webpages are. But not all. And in this case, I think it's the content matter, not the medium which disinterests people.

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