Living Among Horses - In 3 Paragraphs

To tell the truth, no, I am not living among horses. But it's something I really desperately want. Not just for myself, but for every man who shares this dream with me. And not just for ourselves, but for all the human race, for everyone who wishes to experience this at least temporarily and once in their lives. And of course, last but not least, for the horses, for which respect, real respect, on eye-level, and species-appropriate and natural keeping in groups and humane and equal treatment should be promoted thereby.

To try and reach these goals, I have developed a plan, an idea for a business, a facility, which involves horses and tourists as a source of income. To present this idea and to find people to help me realize it, I have created a webpage:

Because living among horses as another species, the way I envision it, is much like how Jake Sully lived with the blue-skinned Na'vi in the movie 'AVATAR', my webpage borrows heavily from that theme. But see for yourself and don't let that distract you. It's just an allegory to try to explain some important underlying subjects.