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Living Among Horses - In One Page

I am a former horse groom and I would like to introduce my project Living Among Horses. To me respect for the horse has always been the driving and primary motivation in my interest in the horse. Because I feel castration is a form of severe disrespect towards another being, his body, his rights, his integrity and dignity, I have always been vehemently opposed against castration. I was the first in the world to write an article, actually more a long and detailed instruction, on how to keep adult stallions in a group as an alternative to castration. I published this article free of charge at my expenses on a webpage that I operated about the nature and correct keeping and handling of stallions in 2003. New people at the Swiss national stud saw this and read it, picked up the subject, and eventually started their own study on it which was published on Plos One in 2013.

The study of the Swiss national stud is a great step in the right direction. It proves scientifically, that castration is not necessary to keep male horses, even breeding stallions naturally and appropriate to the species in a group, even when no offspring is desired. However, since then, deplorably little has happened. I want horse castrations around the world to stop. At least by those who claim to respect horses. This is not some kind of selfish trip as people who castrate their horses like to portray and slander me. I believe stopping castration is direly important, for increasing the respect for the horse as a species. Because as long as we castrate another species, that species will never truly be looked upon and treated as anything more than our slaves. No matter how well we treat or otherwise might pamper our slaves. You don't castrate what you respect. And you never truly respect, what you castrate.

But instead of talking or writing about respect for horses and how not to castrate them, I want to *show* people. Or rather, I want to enable horses to be able to show people themselves. I want to give them the conditions they need to do so. And the people the conditions they need, to be able to learn from horses. Then, people can decide themselves and on a much more informed basis, if this is good thing or not. For this, I have come up with an idea, to keep stallions naturally in a group in a big pasture, and then build bungalows for tourists in there, so they can see, experience and even interact with the stallions. As a kind of learning-by-seeing project. People could visit this facility and experience horses in a natural environment and with their natural behavior, much like Robert Vavra did in wildlife. To learn more about this idea, please visit my webpage: