Ok, what is the Living Among Horses Project, how is it run and why?
So what is the Living Among Horses Project?
And how will the Living Among Horses Project or Facility be run?
You say the Living Among Horses facility should be operated and run by men and that you want to bring men and horses closer together. Why not women?

The Project
Ok, what is the Living Among Horses Project, how is it run and why?

The 'what' and even the 'how' are actually quite easy to explain. It's the 'whys' for all the 'whats' and 'hows', that are really hard to explain. They would probably fill entire books. That's why I will try to explain only the 'whats' and the 'hows' and leave explanation of the 'whys' for another place, another time and perhaps someone else. Perhaps even for another species.

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So what is the Living Among Horses Project?

The Living Among Horses Project is, once it is completed and fully operational, an institution and a facility that is specialized in promoting and facilitating the free exchange, communication, learning, befriending and experiencing between two different species: Humans and horses.
As said, you might give it the surname 'School of Stallions', because here, humans will be able to learn, first-hand not from 'horse whisperers' or smart books, but directly from horses, which are kept as close to their nature and natural habitat as possible, themselves. You can imagine the 'School of Stallions' as a facility built into the natural environment of horses, where horses and humans can easily and comfortably meet, get to know each other and experience each other on equal terms.

The setup for this facility is quite simple: About 40 adult stallions will be kept appropriate to the species in a natural group in one large pasture or range. Submerged into that pasture there will be about 10 to 15 bungalows which can be rented by tourists. That's where the money to run the facility comes from. The idea is, that humans who visit the facility can interact with the horses and experience them in their true nature and in their natural society, in the natural equine 'clan', the equine 'tribe' or group. By placing the rentable bungalows inside the horse pasture, exchange, learning and befriending between horses and people is facilitated. The idea is, that not only people can express their free own will and preferences in regards to the other species and its individuals, but so can the horses. In other words, not only people choose who and how they wish to interact with, but so do the horses. This is based on the premise, that friendship, true friendship is based on free will and respect. And respect is a mutual thing.

The bungalows for the visitors will be separated from each other to give people as much privacy from other humans as possible. The idea after all, is to get to know and live with horses, not one's own species like we already do in our cities.

The bungalows will also have an open box-stall attached or integrated with no door to the outside, so that horses can go in and out of these stalls as they choose and no horse can be kept inside against its will. The idea of these box stalls is to allow a little more privacy, individual befriending and undisturbed exchange on a more personal level between individuals of both species. A meeting place for individuals, just like the whole facility is a meeting place for species. For humans, away from prying and curious looks - or even mockery from other tourists. And for horses, away from jealous nips, bites or even kicks from other horses. With these box-stalls, both species should have the opportunity to temporarily leave the sometimes pretty harsh social pecking order of their own species, in order to be able to get to know individuals of the other species in a better and more profound way, without interference or even sabotage by other members of their own species.

Tourists can study the nature, behavior and social rules of the natural horse in its natural clan or group, hopefully right from their living room windows in their bungalows. And they can go out and interact with any one of the horses anytime and just a few steps away from their doorstep. And if some horses are willing, they can spend time with their favorite tourist in the box-stalls of their bungalows. Maybe to watch them cook, or eat or just to spend time together in a relaxed and convenient way. Because to know each other, especially the 'other', after all, particularly among horses, before all means to spend time together. Among horses and their relationships, spending time together is the one single most important aspect of all. It will probably do more for human understanding of horses and their nature and ways than any combination of horse books and films. And that's exactly what the Living Among Horses Project facilitates in an entirely new way.

This doesn't mean riding is generally prohibited. It's just not the primary focus. It means that horses can be ridden, only when they agree and allow it, certainly without any tack, bits or spurs, simply because they enjoy it and trust specific humans and are willing to carry them around on their backs out of their own free will.

The expenses for the horses, the upkeep for the facility and bungalows and the services to the tourists will all be paid for with the income generated by the renting out of bungalows. Since this by no means is supposed to be a mass tourist business, quite the opposite, and only 10 to 15 bungalows with a maximum of about 20 guests must pay for 40 horses, the facilities, all employees, services and expenses, etc., the price for these bungalows probably won't be cheap. Even if they do not offer much luxury besides a proper bathroom with a flushing toilet and a shower with hot water, a sleeping and living room, and perhaps a small kitchen. But, as anyone knows who has ever stood in a group of adult stallions and was surrounded by them, the experience of standing in, being surrounded, and pretty much living in a herd of them, around the clock, and being able to freely interact with them at any time, as if one were one of them, truly is an extremely authentic, individual and deeply moving experience. I am very sure of this. In part, because I have experienced it myself for limited amounts of time a few times. It's absolutely incredible, indescribable, amazing and deeply touching and moving. It's an experience of a lifetime. Something to never forget for the rest of your life. Visiting an entertainment park such as Disney World is just complete crap in comparison. As such, such an experience should be well worth the price.

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And how will the Living Among Horses Project or Facility be run?

The Living Among Horses Project or facility will keep and have only adult stallions, no mares and no geldings. And this in a way that is appropriate the species, exemplary and as respectful and dignified both to humans and horses as humanly possible. It will be run by men who are willing and capable of working for the project for very little or no wage at all, such as people with pensions or other, alternate sources of income. This is necessary in order to reduce expenses and be financially self-sustaining. To add humanitarian values to the project, these men can, and perhaps should be men with psychological impediments or other difficult backgrounds.
To be able to generate a steady stream of income all year round from no more than about 20 tourists maximum at any given time instead of mass-tourism during just a short tourist season and then nothing, the Living Among Horses Project must be located in a country that has a climate that is well-suited both for horses and for tourism and warm and pleasant all year round for everyone and every species involved.

Ok. That was the description of the 'what'. The 'why' is much more difficult to explain and for most people even more so to understand. Therefore it is my opinion that explaining the 'why' is best left to be explained by life and by example. On the one hand, by the horses themselves and on the other, by the actual Living Among Horses facility once it is operational. It's really quite like the character Mo'At said in James Cameron's 'AVATAR': "We have tried to teach other Sky People. It is hard to fill a cup which is already full." And: "My daughter will teach you our ways. Learn well, Jakesully. Then we will see if your insanity can be cured."

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You say the Living Among Horses facility should be operated and run by men and that you want to bring men and horses closer together. Why not women?

That's correct, the Living Among Horses project will have not only exclusively stallions and no mares or geldings, but will also be run and operated by men only.
I already explained in 'Horses and Extraterrestrials' why I believe it to be mandatory and very important for horses and the relationship between humans and horses in general to bring men and horses closer together. The need to run and operate the Living Among Horses project or 'School of Stallions' with men as employees and not with women is another important reason for wanting to bring men and horses closer together.

But why not use and employ women? I know that unfortunately it is politically very incorrect these days, to not want to do something with women. And a lot of people think that women not only love horses much more than men, but also handle them a lot better and in a more sensitive manner, which indeed, I actually prefer. So why not use and employ women to run the Living Among Horses project?

As I said, the 'why', particularly this one, is much more difficult to explain and even more so to understand, than the 'what' and the 'how'. So I will leave it for life to explain and for another time and place and perhaps for another species.

I know a lot of people will not be satisfied with this answer though, so I will say what little else I can:

First of all: If you can't figure it out yourself, you are not ready.
That's not a joke. By that I mean not ready to understand (yet).

Personally, I don't believe women were made to control or even dominate men. As much as many of them enjoy dominating and controlling others. - Just look at horseback riding. And I don't think men were made to be controlled or even dominated by women. This, I believe, has a lot to do with respect and the lack thereof. On a personal level. Of course there are instances where this indeed works, may even work well. And of course women can learn a lot in this regard, and some even become very skilled at it. No doubt. But they are the exceptions which define the more general rule.

But, you probably think that's unrelated, so let me give you another, perhaps more closely related indicator: Ask James Cameron! I don't think he knows much about horses, but it seems that even he, who is very positive and promoting of women and of more power to women in general understood this. At least subconsciously. Consult his movie 'AVATAR', specifically the first scene with an Ikran:

[Ikran:] A huge MOUNTAIN BANSHEE. Much larger than the forest banshees, this thing is taller than a Na'vi with a 10 meter wingspan. A leathery FWHOOP, like the crack of sails, as it alights on the branch right in front of her.

JAKE:   Holy shit.
NEYTIRI:   Do not look in her eye.

[The scene makes it clear, this is Neytiri's Ikran. She is female. So is Neytiri.]

Neytiri feeds it a large scrap of meat, which it SNATCHES and gulps down. She murmurs to it and strokes its NECK.
It lets out a signature SHRIEK, and some of the others in the shadows nearby answer.
Neytiri flip-catches her queue and gently connects it to the Banshee's ANTENNA. It shivers and stretches its wings as the neural connection is made.

NEYTIRI: Ikran is not horse. Once shahaylu is made, ikran will fly with only one Hunter in the whole life.

She climbs smoothly onto the animal's back.

NEYTIRI: To become taronyu -- Hunter -- you must choose your own ikran. And he must choose you.

[Jake is male. When he chooses an Ikran, the Ikran is to be male.]

Ignore the mention of 'horse' in this scene and substitute 'Ikran' with horse. Then pay close attention to the sex of Ikrans which Neytiri mentions, her Ikran and Jake's future Ikran. They give a clear indication about how the Na'vi and their society handle the sex of Ikrans in relation to their own.

Now, that seems like just a tiny little detail in what is just fiction anyway, right? Well, remember, it was you who wanted an answer. But let me quote another movie, "Ghost Dog - The Way of the Samurai" by Jim Jarmusch, 1999:

Among the maxims on Lord Nooshige's wall there was this one: "Matters of great concern should be treated lightly."
Master Ittei commented, "Matters of small concern should be treated seriously."

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